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Renaissance Park Rays
1363 Ileagnes Road
Raleigh, NC 27603
(919) 779-1277
TSA Representative(s):
Jeanne Wendel
Heather Thorpe
We use Meet Central (HydroXphere) to run our swim meets. Please send your roster list to us or Meet Central a week before the swim meet if you are not a member of Meet Central.

This pool has 6 lanes and is 25 meters long.
This pool is not licensed to operate past dusk.
This pool has starting blocks.
They had 30 swimmers last year and have 0 swimmers this year.

Team and Pool Records

2020 - Southern League - Ranked (49)
Season Standings(Won/Lost/Tied/Incomplete): 0/0/0/0
** BYE **
** BYE **
** BYE **
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** BYE **
** BYE **